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ioDent® – W&H Smart Dental Solutions

Get connected to the future

  • ioDent® – Welcome to the world of digital dentistry

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has now become reality in dental practices, with W&H offering intelligent and networked product solutions in dentistry under the new digital brand ioDent® – W&H Smart Dental Solutions. In future, the cloudbased system will communicate with the connected devices via the ioDent® Gateway mini. Data exchange is secure and easy!

  • Flexibility even on the road
    Access to your networked devices – any time and from anywhere. Whether you are in the practice or on the road.
  • Efficient support in everyday practice
    Targeted application of resources and easy management of patient and device data. Quick and easy – for service, maintenance and revalidation.
  • ioDent – W&H Smart Dental Solutions
  • Implantmed Plus
    with ioDent® system

    Implantmed Plus offers a surgical device that includes the unique »ioDent® system«. The intelligent W&H solution will increase safety in the practice and resources can be planned in advance to increase efficiency.

  • Traceability and safety
    The USB stick is a thing of the past! Trace your surgical procedures with the »Online Documentation Protocol« – completely automatic, easy and secure.
  • Easy data management
    Share information with other clinicians or with patients.
  • Always up-to-date
    You will always be state-of-the-art with the functional extensions on the ioDent® online platform.
  • Personal Online Dashboard
    Whether device status or required service: »Online Device Monitoring« provides you with an overview of your connected devices.
  • Plan your operation
    You can plan your operation in advance with the »Online Treatment Setup« and transmit the configuration to your Implantmed Plus. An integrated implant manufacturer database* sets all parameters before the operation.
    * W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH accepts no liability for ensuring that the Information is up to date, correct and complete.
  • ioDent® Gateway mini
    The gateway is the link between your devices and the online platform. The number of connected devices is unlimited.
  • Implantmed Plus

    ioDent Gateway mini
  • Innovative reprocessing
    Innovative reprocessing
    with the ioDent® system

    The new Lisa sterilizers combined with the ioDent® system ensure intelligent and networked reprocessing of instruments. With a wide selection of smart solutions and options,
    digitalisation becomes a reality even for sterilization.

  • Time savings
    › Reduced paper documentation
    › Fully automatic, wireless process documentation
  • Easy-to-use
    › Installation via Wi-Fi
    › Flexible and easy-to-use
    › No need to install local software
  • Security
    › Fully automatic storage of cycle Reports in the cloud
    › On-time ordering of consumables
  • Flexibility
    › Fast and easy upload of cycle Reports from unconnected devices of other manufacturers
    › All documents available from the online device record at the press of button
  • ioDent®
    Intelligent Assist

  • The world of ioDent
    The world of ioDent®

    ioDent® – W&H Smart Dental Solutions – is the new W&H brand for digital dental Solutions.

    In future, the ioDent® system will convert W&H products into intelligent networked Solutions and give you the possibility of developing customized offers. The ioDent® Intelligent Assist monitoring system will provide proactive support with service and maintenance as well as in the automatic supply of consumables and pay-per-use models. Expand your portfolio and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Your advantages at a glance
  • Online Dashboard
    Includes monitoring of connected devices. Keep an eye on the Status of your installed devices at any time.
  • Online Solution Suggestion
    Get the appropriate suggestions for the most efficient and fastest solutions.
  • Online Ticketing System
    Manage your service processes quickly and easily.
  • Online Map View
    Visualise your installed devices on a geographical map to optimise resource planning.
  • Your advantages at a glance
  • The »Monitoring front-end« provides you with a clear general view of your customers’ installed and connected devices:

  • Expand your portfolio
    Create customized pay-per-use models and automate the supply of the right consumables and service materials.
  • Increase your customer satisfaction
    Error messages are sent to the applicable service Organisation quickly and automatically. This gives Service technicians fast information on the problem, and they can respond immediately.
  • Improve your service quality
    In addition to error messages, you receive information about potential causes, their frequency and the relevant solutions. The double-loop learning system compiles information on products that are becoming more and more complex.
  • Increase your efficiency
    You receive early data-based Information on required spare parts. This enables fast and efficient on-site service. Wasted trips and incorrect parts become a thing of the past.
  • Monitoring Frontend

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