Electric motor EM-12 L

Powerful. Versatile. Small.

The EM-12 L brushless electric motor offers impressive functionality and comfort.

Restoration & Prosthetics

Restoration & Prosthetics

System Overview

* Multiflex® is a registered trade mark of Kaltenbach & Voigt GmbH, Germany
** also with other coupling versions available
*** Contra-angle handpieces of the Synea Vision Short Edition can be used on micromotors with an ISO coupling length of 23 mm or less.

  • Ergonomic, small and light

  • Compatible

    ISO Short coupling

    Can be used with all conventional
    straight and contra-angle handpieces,
    including Short Editions

  • Constantly high power

    High performance, reliable durability

    Broad spectrum of speeds from 100 up to 40,000 rpm

  • Improved view thanks to LED technology

    LED light integrated in the motor

  • Particularly small and light


  • Optimally

    25% lighter, 15% shorter

    Ideal weight distribution
    satisfies ergonomic demands

  • LED

    Improved view with LED light

    LED light integrated in the motor
    Daylight-quality illumination of the treatment site

  • Electric motor EM-12 L

    Perfect balance of
    performance and ergonomics

    It is particularly small and surprisingly light,
    is comfortable to hold and in addition to the consistent high power, also scores extra points with its features such as LED technology, long service life and quiet operation.

    Your advantages at a glance

  • Particularly small
  • Optimally balanced
  • 25% lighter, 15% shorter
  • LED technology
  • Constantly high power
  • ISO Short coupling
  • Low maintenance and preserved value
  • Quiet and low vibration
  • Varied spectrum of applications

    treatment results

    Simply select the transmission instrument, set the speed and work with the recommended bur speeds.

  • Particularly small

    The comparison shows:

    The EM-12 L is no larger
    than a matchbox.

  • Optimally balanced

    Short, slim and light:

    ideal weight distribution means the EM-12 L is
    perfectly balanced in your hand.

  • Lighter complete system

    25% lighter, 15% shorter

    Combine the EM-12 L with the contra-angle handpieces from the
    Synea Vision Short Edition range for a considerably shorter and noticeably lighter complete system.

    This makes it possible to satisfy the highest ergonomic demands and effectively avoid fatigue, even when working for extended periods of time.

  • LED Light

    Improved view

    The LED technology integrated in
    the motor lights the treatment site
    with daylight-quality illumination.


    An electric motor with high-speed contra-angle handpieces is the best choice for the preparation of CAD/CAM treatments:

    Add-on MF-100

    Low maintenance

    Low maintenance and preserved value

    The long-lasting brushless drive means reduced service and maintenance costs combined with increased service life.
    Sensor-controlled drive technology makes it particularly quiet and largely free from vibration.
  • Installation options

    Flexible installation and customised positioning

    You can also install the Add-on
    below or on the side of the table
    used for your dental unit.

  • Removable display

    Removable display

    The display can be removed from the Add-on
    and positioned independently of the control module.

  • Add-on


    The W&H elcectric motor EM-12 L can be optimally integrated into your personalised workflow.

  • smart table top with
  • sterilizable tray
  • offers an additional surface