Saw Handpieces

Fast, powerful and durable

The saw handpieces have been specially designed for conversion osteotomies and bone harvesting. Even after many years of use at maximum speed, consistently high cutting performance is still guaranteed.

Oral Surgery & Implantology

Oral Surgery & Implantology

System Overview

  • Sagittal Saw Handpiece S-8 S

    Working in all directions

    Our saw handpieces S-8 R, S-8 S
    and S-8 O offer a perfect and long-term solution for osteotomy or bone removal with sagittal, oscillating or reciprocating movement.

    No matter what your requirements or those of your patients, W&H can fulfil them.

    Your advantages at a glance

  • Innovative saw-blade shape for outstanding cutting performance
  • One drive speed for all 3 saw types
  • Durable and robust due to high-grade stainless steel
  • For sagittal, oscillating or reciprocal movement
  • Range of saw blades for all surgical applications
  • Low vibration and exceptionally quiet
  • Can be dismantled for thorough cleaning