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    Consumer-centric privacy transformation

    We will discuss the consumer-centric imperatives of privacy regulation and key considerations for balancing personalization and privacy when integrating the two into the organization.

    Register for our 7/15 webcast

    Introduction to revenue assurance - Realizing all the revenue you have earned

    Are you getting all the revenue you’ve earned? This webcast will provide an overview of Revenue Assurance: establishing processes and working effectively to mitigate risk of revenue losses.

    Register for our 7/29 webcast
    The power of possible
    Service solutions
    Solutions for industries
    The power of possible
    The power of possible.
    Organizations continue to assess the impact of COVID-19 on their business and clarify which elements of the economic stimulus package can help most. Top of mind for many are liquidity and cash management, supply and demand, labor concerns, and factors such as regulations and political changes. Businesses need advice that enables energizing solutions to fuel what’s possible. Grant Thornton is here to help.

    Service solutions
    We’re here to listen and assist
    Whatever you need to steer through the disruption from COVID-19, Grant Thornton is here. First, we listen ̶ whether you have to navigate tax or accounting implications, safeguard trust and value, or adapt to a remote workforce. Then we help. We assist in identifying and mitigating risks and offer solutions to your specific challenges.
    Liquidity & cash flow mananagement down arrow
    Solutions for working capital and liquidity & solvency

  • Tax savings - review the new economic stimulus and other areas to identify tax savings and opportunities.  
  • Cash cycle optimization – Review cash cycle processes to optimize performance across the cycle and improve working capital.  Coming soon
  • Cash flow and liquidity assessment – Develop cash flow forecasts and assess opportunities to enhance liquidity and balance sheet strength.  
  • Managing enterprise licensing & cloud spend – fully evaluate premise and SaaS licensing before making decisions to optimize your spend while freeing up liquidity.  
  • External factors
    Solutions for regulatory, political changes, currency valuation and other major disruptions

  • Economic stimulus - Assess opportunities to maximize benefits from the new economic stimulus including tax credits and savings, accounting and financial reporting implications and access to various funding programs.   Learn more about the and
  • Impairment testing – Reflect impact on business valuations, review indicators that trigger impairment testing / asset impairment disclosure in quarterly reporting.  
  • Accounting advisory – Assess potential adjustments to accounting estimates, financial statements and disclosures to reflect the current economic uncertainty.  
  • Manage planned and in process construction projects – determine how external mandates and project-specific information impact your overall project oversight and governance.  
  • Payroll complexity
    A global workforce brings complexity for employers and payroll management is a key challenge. Our U.S. and international teams support companies in managing local obligations and shadow payroll to help companies report and pay taxes accurately across international locations.
    People & labor
    Solutions for labor dependencies and human capital

  • Remote workforce enablement - Identify opportunities to enhance remote workforce operations, monitoring and technology.  
  • Tax consulting – Prepare for the new Paid Leave Law and claim applicable payroll tax credits.  
  • Human capital management – Model labor costs for improved human capital management and lead change amongst employees thoughtfully.  
  • fifth label headline
    In many business sectors, internal negligence causes the majority of security incidents. We can help you shore up this weakness and efficiently enforce regulations by coordinating your processes, policies and technologies into an identity and access management framework.  
    Supply & demand
    Solutions for supply chain execution and demand management

  • Supply chain optimization - Assess disruption impact on the supply chain to quantify the sales and working capital at risk and take immediate recovery actions.   
  • Supplier solvency – Identify critical suppliers and determine spend in play; evaluate ability to perform and risk of insolvency; develop action plans. Coming soon
  • Customer demand – Reconcile major changes in customer demand by channel / client; frame the supply chain impacts; update terms for risky customers.  
  • Solutions for industries
    Solutions for your industry, your company
    COVID-19 has affected all industries — often in different ways. Grant Thornton’s industry specialists understand the differences. We are here to work with you in meeting tomorrow’s challenges and to support you as your company emerges into a new normal.

    man speaking through mobile
    Asset Management down arrow
    The impact of COVID-19 is being felt across the asset management sector. From business continuity to maintaining resiliency and planning for recovery, we stand at the ready to help you navigate this unprecedented time.

  • Solutions for challenges today, opportunities tomorrow - We are committed to helping our clients with COVID-19 challenges and opportunities across all our service lines. Our multidisciplinary team brings together our audit, tax and advisory professionals to provide business risk assessment, operations and resiliency planning, valuation, tax optimization, and risk modeling and monitoring services to hedge funds, private equity funds, registered investment companies and mutual funds companies.  
  • Banking
    Having weathered the initial wave of COVID-19 safety and work measures, banks are deeply engaged in not just ensuring continuity of operations, but also of assessing the risks across a spectrum of scenarios. Once operations are stabilized, banks will shift focus to monitoring, measuring and planning based on a rapidly evolving data set.

  • Pandemic resiliency and response for banks - A 360° review of the operating model and business risk assessment  
  • CARES Act SBA PPP – Full-service support across every aspect of the SBA PPP loan program  
  • Remote workforce enablement – Immediate actions to enable a productive remote workforce  
  • Energy
    COVID 19 has brought extreme disruption to consumer demand for oil and gas, as well as the distribution networks required to supply the country.

  • Impact of COVID 19 and the oil and gas crisis on energy - Energy companies face a perfect storm of falling demand and prices brought on by COVID 19 and the oil price wars. With liquidity issues paramount as companies plan for the year ahead, we can share insights on cash management and strategies.   
  • Healthcare Providers
    Healthcare providers are at the center of the COVID-19 disruption — saving lives and restoring communities. At the same time, hospital executives are working to strengthen the financial foundation of their systems’ short- and long-term outlook.

  • Healthcare Recovery Funding Assistance - Our funding assistance framework helps hospital financial executives immediately respond to — and apply for — funding available due to COVID-19 impacts. Our framework includes an immediate response process, robust analysis and support, strategies to expedite the process, and continuous monitoring and reporting with a goal to minimize the impact on people.  
  • Higher Education
    Given the complexity of operations at higher education institutions, leadership is challenged in considering the full impact of COVID-19.  

  • Navigating the impact of COVID-19 on higher education - It is critical at this time to identify both short- and long-term issues impacting colleges and universities, and to define the actions management can take to thoughtfully navigate our current environment. We can help identify opportunities for success even in this highly uncertain and constantly changing time.  
  • Insurance
    For the insurance industry, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are broad and evolving. Carriers must adjust to remote work arrangements, respond to a myriad of regulatory inquiries and address new lawmaker directives and marketplace pressures.  

  • Pandemic Rapid Response Assessment - Drastic changes to working arrangements around the world and ever-changing expectations of customers, employees and governments make it imperative to examine the variety of risks facing your organization. From supply chain to working capital, it’s critical for organizations to understand and strategize against their unique level of vulnerability in order to keep moving forward.  
  • Life Sciences
    With COVID-19 impacting day-to-day business activities, pharmaceutical companies have rapidly shifted focus from selling existing products to finding a cure for or therapies to treat the virus, while medical device companies are applying innovation to address shortages. The CARES Act makes it critical to address key supply chain provisions in time to strengthen your position while helping to save lives and return communities to health.

  • Life sciences CARES Act support - Our life sciences rapid response team stands ready to provide reporting; and supply chain, risk management insights and tax planning strategies to help your company navigate the CARES Act.  
  • Manufacturing
    Even as manufacturers manage disruptions to their business and anticipate financial and operational implications, the industry is keenly focused on producing the crucial products needed to overcome COVID-19 challenges.

  • Navigating the impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing - It is critical to identify both short- and long-term issues, and to define the actions management can take to thoughtfully navigate our current environment. Grant Thornton professionals leverage deep experience in serving manufacturers to deliver pragmatic, innovative and transformative solutions.  
  • Not-for-profit
    Given the myriad of issues facing nonprofit organizations that are being asked to do even more with less, leadership is challenged in considering the full impact of COVID-19.

  • Navigating the impact of COVID-19 on not-for-profits - It is critical at this time to identify both short- and long-term issues impacting nonprofits and to define the actions management can take to thoughtfully navigate our current environment. We can help identify opportunities for success even in this highly uncertain and constantly changing time.  
  • Real Estate
    The COVID-19 environment has created unprecedented economic times for all of real estate. The impact of what is happening today will change the course of your company three to six months from now and beyond. Assessing the immediate and long-term impacts now will pay off as you align your company strategy to the new normal.

  • Corporate real estate considerations during COVID-19 - Mitigate risk with Immediate actions.  
  • Real estate tax implications during COVID-19 - Understand the tax implications of COVID-19 and the immediate actions to take.  
  • Managing construction project risks during COVID-19 - All construction outside of infrastructure, healthcare and affordable housing projects in response to COVID-19 have been halted in many major markets. As state and federal guidelines are updated to define “essential” construction, one thing is certain — companies need to proactively address and manage expectations.   
  • Technology
    Technology is stepping up to the challenge in the COVID-19 era. Remote working arrangements and social distancing have placed an even greater reliance on the use of technology to operate. Worker remote connectivity, increased use of online transactions and other essential activities are driven by capabilities in software, hardware and networking.  

  • Meeting the short- and long-term challenges - While near-term COVID-19 impact has brought uncertainty, the long term will bring increased demand on the technology sector. This will require technology companies to focus on sources of new funding, supply chain management and reassessment of global footprints.   
  • Transportation and Logistics
    Warehouse management, distribution and third-party logistics can save lives during COVID-19’s fast-changing scenarios.

  • Taking action in the COVID-19 environment - We provide industry-specific audit, tax and advisory services to assist transportation and logistics organizations marshal their forces and leverage their product-moving networks to ensure the healthcare infrastructure has the equipment and resources when and where it needs it — around the clock.   
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    How to define and respond to your pandemic risks

    Our fast, data-driven assessment quantitatively determines your pandemic risks and offers focused resiliency plans to protect your business, customers and shareholders.

    See our tool


    Paycheck Protection Program Loan Value Calculator

    A custom solution allowing banks and their customers to calculate SBA PPP loan amounts based on unique business characteristics

    Request the calculator